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Active Ingredients

A concentrate of high quality active ingredients.

Mandelic Acid: delicate exfoliating action, which combine to regenerate a bright, smooth complexion an antibacterial.

Innovative hydrating complex: active based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid and its  filling capacity. It promotes the formation of collagen and connective tissue, increasing cells plasticity and ensuring  optimal skin hydration.

Phyto lifting: filmogen effect with a lifting action.

Bota peptide:  it smooths expression lines with anti-aging lifting effect and gives turgidity and firmness to the skin.

LPD’s Multivitamin: multivitamin complex (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Vitamin A) contained in liposomes with a revitalizing action.

Free from

Cosmeceuticals of WOW Effect line are base of the concept of “free from“, which lies at the very heart of our philosophy. All products era free from main allergenic substances froma paraben, paraffin, lanolin, petrolatum, minerla oli, SLES, and SLS,making theme accesible to even the most delicate and sensitive skins; and face line products are also colorants and fragance free.


The products of the WOW Effect line have been formulated to have a synergistic and complementary action to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment.

The active ingredients contained in each of them have been selected to give life to a multi-step process, their integrated mechanism of action uniforms the pH, enhancing the effects of the treatment and ensuring visible and lasting results on each type of skin. The use of unsuitable products, before and after the mask, can cause hypersensitivity (burning and redness). 

Following the application of WOW Effect Anti-Wrinkle Mask you can feel a sensation of warmth and tingling.

They are normal momentary reactions due to the effectiveness of the treatment. Any tensor or dryness effect is relieved immediately with the application of WOW Effect Anti-Age Serum.